Finished Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves last night. This book is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Between the crazy formatting, multiple story lines and going back and forth from footnotes, to appendixes back to the main text, it’s probably the most fascinating and engaging book I have ever read, by far. 

Just made a “to read” list of at least 89 books. Welp, at least I won’t run out of books to read anytime soon.

I’m making it a goal to read at least four more books before summer’s end. Then, I can buy more books and rebuild my mountain of unread ones

Have I mentioned I love having an endless supply of books to read? :p

I have a mountain of books I haven’t even been able to read, yet I keep buying new books. I buy faster than I can read so I have a never ending “to read” pile. I’m okay with this. :p